There Was More To Brie Larson’s Stunning Red Carpet Look At The Premiere Of ‘Captain Marvel’ Than Meets The Eye

IT’S FINALLY HERE, Marvel lovers! Captain Marvel has at last hit the theaters, and that means one thing: a big, splashy premiere on Hollywood Boulevard.

The film’s lead, Captain Marvel herself Brie Larson, isn’t just a star, she’s Hollywood royalty–I mean, she’s got a Best Actress Oscar and everything–so of course, her red carpet appearance had to be one to remember.

And she did not disappoint, out here looking like a goddess in a custom gold gown by red carpet staple Rodarte… but this gown had some hidden meaning, an “Easter egg” if you will. Look closely….

To the layman, those starbursts made of crystal beads may just look like skillful embroidery, but savvy Marvel fans will recognize those starbursts as Captain Marvel’s super-hero insignia. Nicely done, Brie.

It was a fitting look for one of the flashier premieres Hollywood has put on–they shut down Hollywood Boulevard to erect a giant tent in red, gold and blue, the Captain’s signature colors, and the US Air Force even got involved, flying their Thunderbirds over Hollywood Boulevard to give the party a truly epic kick off.

It was a fitting kick-off to such a hugely momentous film: Captain Marvel is Marvel’s first female-led superhero film, and only the second one ever (after Wonder Woman broke the barrier in 2017).

And Larson is a fitting star for a milestone movie like this–since winning her Oscar in 2016, she’s been advocating for more inclusion of both women and people of color in entertainment. The film’s co-writer and co-director is a woman, Anna Boden, and actress Lashana Lynch, who is Black, plays her best friend and co-pilot.

Speaking to ABC News, Larson said,

“We’re subverting the genre in a lot of ways and breaking new ground and we’re doing it in a way that feels really natural… On top of that, they said they wanted to make the biggest feminist movie of all time.”

And judging from the online response, the fans are here for all of this–Brie, the dress, the movie, all of it! !

The movie has already hit theaters, so you can go watch Brie kick superhero ass immediately!