Brie Larson Surprises New Jersey Moviegoers By Handing Out Concessions In A Kickass Captain Marvel Tracksuit

Captain Marvel scored a massive, $455 million worldwide opening weekend, so its star, Brie Larson, is probably feeling pretty good. What better place to celebrate the success of her new film then to hang out with the people who made it so popular: the fans!

On Saturday night, Larson popped into a movie theater in Clifton, New Jersey, to surprise some moviegoers as they were watching the newest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Not only did Larson say some quick hellos, but she also jumped behind the concession stand and served some popcorn just to see what it was like!

People coming to see the movie couldn’t believe their good fortune.

Larson’s appearance in the theater created no shortage of hilarious moments and memorable photos!

Twitter couldn’t stand how sweet some of the pictures turned out.

Oh, and have I mentioned Larson’s kicka** tracksuit?!

Of course, a few people couldn’t stop themselves from cracking jokes about New Jersey.

Captain Marvel is now on pace to become one of Marvel’s highest grossing superhero films, cementing Larson’s Carol Danvers as one of the world’s favorite superheroes moving into a new era for the MCU.

If Stan Lee were still with us, he would doubtless be proud of how far Marvel has come since he created many of its iconic characters.