Miley Cyrus Celebrated Women’s Day With A Highly Sexual Tweet Of Herself And Taylor Swift, And People Are SHOOK

Uhhhh, we’re definitely uncomfortable as heck.

On March 10th, 2019–aka International Women’s Day 2019, Miley Cyrus posed an awkward at best question to the internet:

Top like Taylor.  We are so sure the gays are gonna be saying that all over the place.

But people really just are not sure how to deal with this….

And some people are really worried about how Taylor is going to react:


Even Chris Crocker, aka the LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE guy, is speechless.

Man, Miley.  You did a number on us.

We all just feel SO WEIRD.

We can’t even pic which one of these we would choose because we feel pretty equally uncomfortable with both.

We’re not sure what to say or do.

Happy Wednesday, everybody!