Keira Knightley Just Played ‘Despacito’ On Her Teeth, And We Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

When you’re a huge movie star doing the late-show rounds to flog your new movie, you probably get tired of saying the same things night after night, right?

It’s always the same questions about your personal life, the same funny anecdotes from childhood, the same movie clip with the same description—it’s a bit like Groundhog Day but with more money and better clothes. So you gotta find ways to mix it up, or you’ll go insane.

Honestly, we have no idea; we’re just trying to make sense of what Keira Knightley did on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the other night, because it was half LOL and half WTF and our brains are scrambled.

Amid the typical boilerplate and discussion of her new movie, Aftermath, which opens tomorrow, Jimmy pivoted to “special talents,” and turns out Keira’s is playing songs on her teeth and you kinda just gotta see it to understand so here. The… um… fun? or something? starts at 3:15:

So that is a thing that happened! Neat!


On one hand crammed into your mouth on national television, it’s very “Stars: They’re just like us!” Like even inhumanly beautiful, stately British movie ladies do silly things like play “Despacito” on their teeth, or something! (Actually, nobody else does that, but you get my point.)

But on the other hand also crammed into your mouth on national television, mouths are kind of gross, especially if you don’t floss regularly, and has Keira been flossing regularly? Who’s to say, and to be quite honest, movie stars’ oral hygiene is not something anyone needs to think about in these difficult times. We’ve got enough on our plates.

Anyway, Keira Knightley, ladies and gentlemen!

On the internet, opinions about Keira’s musical stylings ran the gamut. Some were definitely on board for Keira’s dental bops:

While others saw room for improvement:

And others were just kind of like “hmm?”


Anyway, if Keira’s teeth-music is your shi*, she also did “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” for Jimmy at about the 2:54 mark so… um, enjoy that?