Padma Lakshmi Just Shared Her Own Immigration Story To Perfectly Call Out ‘Lunatic’ President Trump

Top Chef  host Padma Lakshmi stopped by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and gave host Trevor Noah—and the rest of us—something to mull over when she used her own immigration story to call out President Donald Trump, whom she referred to as “a lunatic.” (Padma, you’re preaching to the choir, girl.)

Lakshmi, who is Indian, made her remarks as she discussed her advocacy for immigrants as an ambassador for the American Civil Liberties Union and the United Nations:

I am an immigrant. I really came here with my mother, much like these people at the border with hardly anything. What you have to understand is that, if a parent takes a child on a dangerous journey, puts them on their back, is willing to walk across deserts, that’s because the place they’re leaving is worse and more dangerous, and I just think we have plenty to share. And if you look at all the contributions that immigrants have made, you’re basically looking at what America is today, in whole, full stop.

Lakshmi was also firm while referring to the “crisis” along the U.S.-Mexico border. Last month, President Trump was accused of manufacturing a crisis after he declared a national emergency to access billions of dollars to construct a wall at the border after Congress denied his requests for funding.

“There’s no crisis. There’s no crisis,” Lakshmi said. “The only crisis is that we have a lunatic with a lot of power. That is the only crisis.”

Watch the interview for yourself:


Many praised Lakshmi for her stance.

Lakshmi’s comments come as news emerges that senior Trump administration officials had “examined the effects of plans to deter immigration at the southern border by separating families and tracking down those undocumented individuals who came forward to pick up unaccompanied children at government shelters,” according to a document obtained by Buzzfeed News.

The document in question was part of the House Judiciary Committee’s ongoing requests from the Trump administration on family separation. The rabbit hole runs deep, so we appreciate when anyone speaks truth to power.