Alex Trebek Tweets A Heartfelt And Moving Thank You Video To Fans Who’ve Supported Him After His Cancer Diagnosis

Alex Trebek, the longtime host of Jeopardy!, announced on March 6th that he had been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. The American Cancer Society reports that victims of the ailment have a 1% survival rate five years after diagnosis, which paints a grim picture for one of television’s most stable and well-liked personalities.

While earlier versions of Jeopardy! originated and aired in the 1960s and 1970s, the current version of the popular game show premiered in 1984. It’s gained a worldwide following with adaptations in many other counties. It’s even inspired various board games based on the quiz show format. Canadian Alex Trebek has been the host of US version since its inception in 1984.

In a video to his fans, however, Trebek addressed the news with his trademark humor and professionalism, inspiring many online.

A week later, Trebek made a small announcement on his show, thanking fans for their outpouring of love and support.

In the video, Trebek claims he reads every message sent to him.

Many fans claimed that, while another celebrity might exaggerate this claim, they believe Trebek gives only facts.

Fans were moved and inspired by Trebek’s decorum and optimism!

Trebek’s dignified, constant presence in many people’s lives has made a definite impact.

Though there are hard roads ahead, Trebek will not be traveling them alone.

Every fan of Jeopardy! offered their love and support.

Best of luck, Mr. Trebek, the world is pulling for you!