The Cast Of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ All Just Weighed In On A Very Important Issue: Captain America’s Beard

Avengers: Endgame is only a couple weeks away, which means it’s time for Marvel fans to start asking the hard questions. Namely, does Chris Evans’s Captain America look better with or without a beard? We can all agree he looks great both ways, but which do we prefer?

At a recent press conference, the Avengers who managed to survive Thanos’s snap gathered specifically to answer that question.

Marvel fans were glad the actors and actresses were finally addressing the important issues.

The cast’s recorded answers will no doubt go down in history.

Fans could empathize a little more than they’d like to admit.

Some people were a little more undecided as to which look they supported…

Some Twitter users thought any choice was the right choice!

While clean-shaven Cap may be a thing of the past, he will be remembered fondly.

Opinions on this question have already formed an unsealable rift between Avengers.

No matter which side of the beard debate you’re on, however, at least we know this: Chris Evans’s pants win EVERYTHING.