This Hilarious Observation About The Noticeable Difference Between Julian Assange And Paul Rudd Is So On Point

Paul Rudd just turned 50.

Yeah… nobody believes it.

I mean…look at him.

Rudd turned 50 on April 6th. In March of this year, reunited with the Clueless cast at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, he jokingly said he “feels 80 on the inside.”

Yeah, Paul. You jokester. You look pretty much the same as you did in Clueless.

We just wanna know your secrets!

The funniest thing about this is comparing people that are terrible and younger than Paul Rudd to beautiful, unproblematic, possible vampire Paul Rudd.

Such as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has been arrested in London and who will possibly be extradited to the USA to stand trial for violation of US secrecy laws.  This photo certainly does not look flattering next to Rudd:

People agree that evil played a big role in Assange’s, erm, state of affairs:

Assange played an all too memorable role in leaking important United States intelligence material provided from within the armed forces by Chelsea Manning, for which the latter served seven years in prison and has now been now jailed for contempt for her refusal to cooperate in the investigation against Assange.

Assange also played a role in the leaks of Hillary Clinton’s emails, centered around the Benghazi crisis.

And “but her emails!” became a famous meme.

We all know why.

The good news is, Assange is looking at standing trial across the world. And he looks like Darth Sidious.

and Paul Rudd still looks like this:

-sigh- so dreamy.