The Stars Of ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Just Had A 30 Year Reunion And We’ll Have What They’re Having

It was the orgasm heard round the world, and when it turns 30, you gotta throw one heck of a party!

That’s just what Turner Classic Movies did at its 10th annual film festival this week to celebrate the iconic rom com When Harry Met Sally.

TCM reunited the film’s director Rob Reiner and stars Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the treasured film.

When Harry Met Sally has become a timeless film that tells a timeless story of two people who hate each other, then become friends, then finally fall in love, a process that “only took three months… twelve years and three months,” as the couple puts it at the end of the film.

The film changed the romcom genre forever when it became a surprise hit in the summer of 1989, launching Meg Ryan’s career as a go-to rom com heroine and going on to garner an Oscar nomination for Nora Ephron’s iconic screenplay and Golden Globe nominations for both its stars.

Director Rob Reiner spoke of the movie’s enduring appeal to reporters at the event, saying:

“You never know. You make a movie and hopefully you like it, and hopefully other people [do too]… You have no idea if it will stand the test of time, and it’s kind of cool that it did.”

The celebration also included a panel discussion on the work of the beloved Ephron, who passed away in 2012. Also absent, but surely there in spirit: the dearly departed Carrie Fisher, who had some of the film’s most memorable one-liners.

The reunion party was right on theme with the movie—even down to Carrie Fisher’s character’s fake flower delivery!

Along with some When Harry Met Sally-themed cocktails:

And they even gave the film’s stars a grand entrance, serenading Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan with the film’s theme song “It Had to Be You,” while they were carried out on what looks just like the couch on which couples in the film (including Harry and Sally) recount the stories of how they met. Awww….

Unfortunately, there was no re-enactment of the famous orgasm scene, but Reiner and the stars did recount details about the shooting of the scene—which, it turns out, was all Meg Ryan’s idea—along with other iconic scenes like the hilarious four-way phone call between Ryan, Crystal, Fisher and Bruno Kirby.

For folks on Twitter, their love for the film is going just as strong as Harry’s and Sally’s all these years later!

Though for some, the anniversary was a poignant reminder of the passage of time…


Especially once someone dug up photos from the original premiere in 1989… attended, for some reason, by Princess Diana!

But fans better get over the sadness of aging because, like Sally, the film is gonna be 40… someday…

Anyway, happy birthday to When Harry Met Sally! They just don’t make ’em like this anymore!