Emma Stone’s Spot-On SNL Promo Has BTS Superfans All Riled Up On Twitter

Emma Stone will be hosting SNL for the fourth time with musical guests BTS.

To promote her episode, SNL produced a brief sketch in which she and some female cast members portrayed crazed fangirls of the K-Pop sensation and gushing over the group at a slumber party.

But her performance wasn’t a stretch by any means. Stone is among many of the import boy band’s fans.

“I just saw their soundcheck today, and I involuntarily screamed,” she said of BTS’s rehearsal on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“I’m actually not kidding. It came out of my body. It was like ‘AAAHHH!!!’ It was like a chemical reaction that happens. They’re incredible.”

But the short skit that parodied female fans of pop music idols prompted a serious debate among those who saw a problem beyond the laughs.

For those unfamiliar with BTS, the group name is an acronym for Bangtan Boys. The full name was derived from a Korean expression “Bangtan Sonyeondan,” meaning Bulletproof Boy Scouts.

They are a seven-member South Korean boy band that has crossed over into the U.S. music scene, winning several New Artist of the Year awards for the track “No More Dream.”

Spotify officially announced that BTS is the first K-Pop group or Asian artist to surpass 5 billion streams on its platform.

Their star power was evident with devoted BTS fans already camping out on 30 Rock before the SNL taping.

People related to BTS mania.

Twitter user Chaotic Jin Stan acknowledged SNL‘s parody but expressed concerns over fan reactions undermining the band’s artistic integrity.

“I understand that this is a ‘joke’ and a skit, but this same joke has been made for years and years now and it is so detrimental. It reduces fans to ‘screaming fangirls’ which then in turn disregards the music quality behind the groups we like. Sad to see something so uninspired.”

The user took issue with the “no boys allowed” comment, implying that the band only appreciates idolatry from an exclusive demographic of female admirers.

Some agreed.

The fans, also known as the ARMY, include both male and female fans of all ages.

One user quipped that grown women’s interests were “infantilized.”

But another user saw nothing wrong with mature women being excited for something regardless of their age.

Buzzfeed News found that many fans brought up how band mate Suga defended the belittled fans by calling them “really extraordinary people.”

But isn’t being mocked a form of flattery?

These users reminded others that no one is safe from SNL.

BTS fans probably won’t miss SNL, even if they do feel disrespected.

After all, BTS is still appearing on the show.

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