A Relatively Normal Photo Of Andy Samberg Is Getting The Internet All Hot And Bothered

Andy Samberg is the kind of celebrity that most people normally think of as the goofy adorable comic relief. He’s built his career being silly and hilarious. Between SNL, his comedy trio The Lonely Island, his roles in Brooklyn 99 and elsewhere, Andy Samberg is comedic gold. We don’t normally think of him as sexy.


Having said that, he just dropped a selfie that’s got people seriously reconsidering that notion. Andy Samberg just Neville Longbottom-ed us, you guys.

Wait… maybe it’s more accurate to say he Steve Carell-ed us. Remember when Steve Carell grew a beard and suddenly he went from the goofy 40-Year-Old Virgin to everyone’s favorite hot dad crush? 

Seriously. Upgrade! 



Look, we’re going to be honest here. None of us were ready for Andy Samberg to pull the same move. You’re probably not ready, either. Based on the comments, Twitter most definitely wasn’t ready— and yet, here we are. Let’s start with the selfie.

Um… what is happening here?!?


The beard, the half smirk, the tousled hair — why is this all so good?! We don’t know. We’re not scientists. We don’t know about beard-to-hotness algorithms. All we know is that the people have spoken.

Bearded Andy is a smash hit and the Twitter thirst is so very real... and so very shameless.


Beard thirst … it’s a beautiful thing, Twitter.