Donald Glover Just Used AirDrop To Give A Free Gift To Some Unsuspecting Coachella Fans, And We’re Totally Jealous

Donald Glover continues to be the stan-king of the universe.

Glover (aka Childish Gambino) is performing at Coachella 2019 and apparently he is bringing the house down.

In addition to giving out fantastic music, he was also apparently giving out free original Adidas shoes via AirDrop:

And some Coachella-goers were getting AirDrop requests from Glover.

They couldn’t believe it themselves, but they screenshotted to make sure the world knew what to expect:

Considering AirDrop usually means unsolicited dick pics on the subway, this is an exciting new development.

However, this isn’t a condition-free giveaway.

Complex reported that Adidas asked recipients to sign a contract to”wear the shoes,” “come to the show” and “keep them on all weekend.”

Since y’all probably spent all your money on going to Coachella in the first place, it must be refreshing to get some new shoes.

Glover hasn’t dropped a price point for independently purchasing the shoes, yet, so we can only assume they have limited availability or that the price point is H I G H.

It makes those of us who are too poor for Coachella extremely jealous.