Dax Shepard Just Told A Bonkers Story About How He Once Had Sex With A Bowl Of Jell-O, And We’re Not OK

Who is Dax Shepard? Well, Dax Shepard is one of those actors you’ve seen in a million movies and probably have never known his name.

His more prominent credits include Idiocracy, Baby Mama, and Zathura.  You look at him and think, “you’ve probably had sex with Jell-O!”   ….Wait, you don’t think that?  Weird.  Cause, he totally did:

Inspired by the film Real Genius, a 1985 film starring Val Kilmer, in which a character is asked:

“What were you doing naked in your room with a bowl full of Jell-O?”

Shepard thought, “hey, that sounds like a good idea.”

He didn’t actually act on this until he was twenty years old living in LA on his own, where he finally “had all the means.”

Dax drove to the supermarket and bought five for one Jell-O, clearly planning to do this more often than just once.

He decided to go for it right there in the kitchen.  “In the kitchen, I enter the Jell-O.”

It didn’t work.

“Within six seconds, I’m just sloshing around Kool-Aid. It just completely disintegrates. I’m basically like, stirring Kool-Aid.”

The worst part?  After this, Dax found that the Jell-O had left him with a rash.

He went to the LA free clinic, since he didn’t have insurance, to see what had happened with the Jell-O.  Of course, he lied to the doctor.

“I go, ‘my girlfriend and I were experimenting during oral sex with Jell-O.'”  And then the doctor and he had an even more awkward interaction:

“She goes: ‘What flavor was it?’

I go: ‘Um, Strawberry.’

And she goes: ‘I like raspberry.'”

That reportedly lead to a Dax Shepard “105% erection” which was the cherry on top of this utterly embarrassing story.

Shepard and wife Kristen Bell became engaged in 2010 and decided not to get married until the state of California legalized same-sex marriage.

We assume that this story came up on an early date with the couple.  If not, we hope Kristen doesn’t tune into Jimmy Kimmel not knowing what she’s in for.