Kim Kardashian’s Bathroom Sink Has People Wondering How The Hell It Even Works

Kim Kardashian recently answered 73 questions for Vogue in a viral video, but the internet got totally distracted by a bizarre sink in her house that appears to break the laws of physics.

The Los Angeles minimalist-mansion owned by Kanye and Kim Kardashian-West is undeniably cool, despite housing some creepy statues and strange furniture. Eagle-eyed viewers also noticed a baffling sink during the Vogue interview that left some questioning their sanity.

After the internet exploded with questions, Kim posted a quick tutorial on her Instagram story. 

The weird sink appears to pour flat onto a granite surface instead of into a basin.

But there’s actually a subtle dip in the granite slab that drains water into a small rectangular opening.

From a distance, it looks like the water should splash everywhere, but the sink (co-designed by Kanye himself) is perfectly calibrated to avoid any awkward spillage and drains elegantly into the granite.

People online are deeply curious about the expensive sinks.

Many found Kim’s helpful Instagram tutorial oddly fascinating.

This guy reckons Kim and Kanye have “absorbent marble stone” in their bathroom. 🤣

But others weren’t amused at the latest tidbit about Kim’s celebrity lifestyle. 

Though Kim cleared up the sink mystery, other bathroom questions remain.

Another weird thing about Kim’s customized bathroom? No toilets in sight.

Maybe the world isn’t prepared for minimalist toilets… yet. But I’m betting they exist — and they’re probably AMAZING.

For now, let’s bask in the glory of an outrageously expensive sink that defies gravity. Thank you Kanye, very cool!