Michael Che Absolutely Lays Into Culture Writer For Saying Colin Jost Is The ‘Most Despised Cast Member’ On ‘SNL’

Some people are far too invested in others’ personal lives, and some others are far too invested in others’ opinions.

Steven Hyden, a contributor for Uproxx, published an article calling Colin Jost the “most despised cast member” of the current cast of SNL:

“Jost is nothing less than the epitome of white-male mediocrity, an empty vessel who is handsome (but not that handsome), smart enough (but not all that smart), and, well, passably funny (though only if you grade on a generous curve).

He seems less like a comedian than a cardboard ’80s movie villain — like James Spader if he looked like a beefier Andrew McCarthy — with zero self-consciousness when it comes to bragging about how he gets his boat shoes wet at the finest beaches in the Hamptons.”


Before Jost’s Weekend Update co-anchor Michael Che even responded, people were already annoyed with Hyden’s article:

Do you want to show your solidarity with Colin Jost? Well, there’s always this t-shirt.

Or you could go the Michael Che route. When Che got wind of the article, he no less than ripped Hyden a new one…

…but it wasn’t the most coherent criticism we’ve ever read…

In addition to calling Hyden a “mediocre *ss white dude,” he also suggested that the columnist engaged in sexual intercourse with dogs.

And then he KEPT GOING.

Che was clearly riled up by the unnecessary cruelty of Hyden’s interview, but the force and material with which he struck back were… uneven.

Che wrote that he will “never understand why when they [critics] sh*t on people its criticism. but when i sh*t on them its harassment..?”

To which Hyden said, “I don’t feel harassed.”

And then he logged onto Hyden’s Wikipedia page and changed some key information.

Um. Wow.

We honestly don’t have any idea how to begin to react.

Though it was SNL-level material, this was real life roasting that we all witnessed before our very eyes.

Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.