Tessa Thompson Is All About Valkyrie Being In A Throuple With Captain Marvel And Thor—And Honestly, So Are We

Avengers: Endgame star Tessa Thompson wants Valkyrie to date Thor and Captain Marvel…AT THE SAME TIME. 😲

Thompson, who played Asgardian warrior Valkyrie in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, recently told Variety she’s interested in exploring her character’s intriguing sexuality. Many fans, including Thompson, believe Valkyrie is bisexual based on comic-book relationships she had with other characters in the Marvel lore.

When asked about Valkyrie’s crushes, Thompson reckoned she’d spoon with Captain Marvel and Thor.

Following up on the epic spooning arrangement, Thompson suggested “It could be polyamorous…a thruple,” mentioning the support of passionate “shippers” on social media who want to see Captain Marvel and Valkerie hook-up.

Here’s a video of Tessa speaking on Valkerie’s sexuality with Variety.

Fans on social media are loving Thompson’s positive advocacy for the LGBT community. 

Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson were spotted together at the Avengers: Endgame premier.

At one point on the “purple carpet,” Larson kissed Thompson on the cheek.

People are totally onboard for the adorable MCU romance.

But don’t forget about Thor! 

Whatever the coupling arrangement, it’s amazing that MCU actors are advocating for their character’s sexuality.

At this point, Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson should totally go on a date. Until then, we’re looking forward to Valkyrie becoming MCU’s first official LGBT superhero. Maybe she’ll get a solo film after Endgame?