Nicolas Cage Angrily Belting Out ‘Purple Rain’ At Karaoke After Splitting From His Wife Of Just Four Days Is Painfully On Brand

Nicolas Cage recently separated from his wife of four days after getting hitched in Vegas — yikes. 💔

The beloved (but totally weird) National Treasure actor was filmed performing drunken karaoke following news of his spoiled nuptials. His song of choice? Prince’s iconic ballad “Purple Rain.” But Cage’s rendition was so off-key and cringe-inducing, we’re surprised Prince didn’t rise from his eternal slumber and slap the embittered actor back to his senses.

It’s awful that Cage’s marriage fell apart, but “Purple Rain” didn’t deserve this butchery.

Ill-fated couple Cage and bride Erika Koike dated for a year before their unlikely split just days after their Las Vegas wedding. There’s no word on what exactly caused the breakup, but reports indicate Koike expects full spousal support — double yikes.

People from around the world reacted to Nick Cage’s bizarre annulment and karaoke session. 

But some on Twitter applauded Cage’s version of “Purple Rain.”

Others related way too hard with Cage’s anguished karaoke session. 

It’s still unclear if Cage signed a prenup before his Vegas wedding.

Many are joking about Erika Koike’s request for spousal support.

But others are blaming Cage for his impulsive marital decision.

At this point, the twists and turns of Nicolas Cage’s life are more thrilling than most of his movies. But if Cage started butchering a classic Prince song at my local karaoke joint, I’d be Gone in 60 Seconds.