Olivia Munn Posts Scathing Rebuke Of ‘Go Fug Yourself’ Bloggers But Found Little Sympathy On Twitter

Actress and model Olivia Munn just roasted fashion bloggers Go Fug Yourself— but not everyone agrees with her controversial “short essay” on Twitter.

Munn took exception to a recent post on Go Fug Yourself about her outfit at a red carpet event. She ended up posting a passionate yet dramatic response that drew mockery on social media.

While Munn makes some solid points in her rebuke of gossip bloggers, some found her essay petty and self-serving.

Go Fug Yourself said Munn’s outfit looked like she “got roped into making a sequel to American Hustle.

In response, Munn wrote a short essay.

She wrote:

“I’m writing this because people shouldn’t get away with spewing whatever vitriol they want just by betting on the antiquated notion that the people they target won’t say anything.”

Munn said the Fug Girls “anointed themselves as judge and jury of what’s fashionable.”

Some agreed with Olivia’s distaste for bloggers that drag famous people’s personal lives or body shame for clicks. However criticizing a celebrities fashion choices at an official event?

Munn lost people there.

She crossed a line after implicating Go Fug Yourself in the widespread “suppression” and the “emotional and physical targeting” of women.

It’s understandable that Munn was upset for being mocked for her outfit while attending a charity event. But was the snarky blog about her outfit really an act of suppression and targeting?

People on social media didn’t reach the same conclusions. 

Many defended ‘Go Fug Yourself’ as pro-women and harmless fun.

Others pointed out ‘Go Fug Yourself’ criticized Olivia’s outfitbut not her personally.

But a few people applauded Munn for speaking up about mean-spirited bloggers.

Munn’s usage of social justice terminology and alluding to #MeToo because someone criticized her outfit remains controversial.

Either way, fans of ‘Go Fug Yourself’ continue to express support on social media.

People respect Munn for starting a conversation about internet gossip.

But they disagree with using the language of important progressive movements like #MeToo as ammunition in petty feuds against fashion bloggers.