‘Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick Slams Anti-Vaxxers For Using A Marcia Brady Meme To Further Their Agenda

Anti-vaxxers are taking medical advice from a 50-year-old episode of The Brady Bunch, and actress Maureen McCormick is furious about it.

McCormick (who played oldest sister Marcia Brady) recently spoke out against a popular meme based on a controversial 1969 episode called “Is There a Doctor in the House?” in which half the Brady family catch measles. Regrettably, the misleading episode treats measles as a punchline.

At one point, Marcia even cracks a joke about enjoying the illness because it keeps her home from school.

Sounds like a corny sitcom zinger, right?

But some anti-vaxxers interpret the episode as “proving” measles is a non-threatening disease. 



McCormick has since distanced herself from the Brady Bunch episode, disagreeing with its lighthearted and humorous portrayal of a measles outbreak within the family.

She told NPR about her concerns with anti-vaccination rhetoric.

“I think it’s really wrong when people use people’s images today to promote whatever they want to promote, and the person’s image they’re using they haven’t asked or they have no idea where they stand on the issue…as a mother, my daughter was vaccinated.”

The former Brady Bunch star also recalled having measles herself.

People on social media joked about the absurd anti-vaxxer theory.

But some anti-vaxxers fought back in the replies. 🤦

Others backed up their arguments with FACTS.

Anti-vaxxers ended up totally clowned on. 

Many on social media shared their experience with measles. 

But some debated the root causes of the disturbing anti-vaccination rhetoric.

While it’s tempting to mock the fools who spread anti-vaccination rhetoric online, the growing trend of parents refusing to vaccinate their children remains no laughing matter.

Trust scientists, not sitcoms.