People Are Calling Out Taylor Swift For ‘Gentrifying’ Beyoncé’s Coachella Performance At The Billboard Music Awards

You don’t want to get caught between Taylor Swift and Beyoncé fans. That kind of devotion is high stakes.

The 2019 Billboard Music Awards opened with an explosion of fuchsia, courtesy of Taylor Swift. A marching band decked out in pink attire marched through the aisles as the pop star sang her new song “ME!”

It was a visual feast for the eyes.

Her army of dancers clad in their pastel finest twerked, and Panic! at the Disco‘s Brendon Urie descended from the rafters taking a cue from Mary Poppins to join in the confetti-blasting, pyro-popping extravaganza.

The number dazzled, and it was difficult to resist the number’s infectious charisma.

However, there was major drama involving Beyoncé, and she wasn’t even there that night!

Basically, Beyoncé fans took issue with Swift’s introduction, down to the whistle-blowing that cued the marching band’s entrance.

See for yourself.

The Bey camp accused Swift of ripping off Beyoncé’s infamous Coachella performance that featured a marching band similar to the BBMA’s opening number of “ME!”

Not only did the drum line introduce the lady of the hour, but the singer also strutted out and sat into her left hip in a manner that was all too evocative of Beyoncé’s owning the stage.

Beyoncé fans are livid over Swift’s alleged carbon copy entrance.

But Swift’s squad countered by reminding the opposition that their girl used a drumline in a performance ten years ago.

The accusation of gentrification got redefined.

Others conveyed that incorporating marching bands into an act is not exclusive to any one artist.

The explosive debate was settled once and for all with a reminder that Fleetwood Mac’s 1979 performance of “Tusk” employed the USC marching band.

With so many trailblazers, it’s always a challenge to avoid being derivative.

This year, Drake made history by sweeping the BBMA with an unprecedented 12 awards for a single artist.

His acceptance speech was particularly poignant and relevant to the drumline debate as the rapper honored the legacy of late musicians.

The Top Male Artist winner noted the “unfortunate series of losses” in the industry and encouraged his peers to support each other.

“I just want to encourage everybody to let other artists know how you feel about them. Let them know that you love them (and) respect them while we’re all still here.”

Although Queen Bey and Swift — both unstoppable forces within the industry — didn’t directly lock horns, Drake’s speech is a good reminder for all artists to continue entertaining fans harmoniously.

Besides, the two are far from adversarial. Beyoncé attended one of Swift’s birthday parties in the past, and let’s not forget that she invited Swift back up on stage to redeliver her VMA acceptance speech after Kanye West rudely hijacked her moment in 2009.

Also, remember when they shared a performing moment together?

In other news, former band geeks like yours truly are rejoicing over their newfound in-demand status.