Rihanna Trolled Charlize Theron So Hard With A Hilariously Savage T-Shirt On Her Birthday

When you’re a massively successful star of movies and beloved for your activist work, you’d think you have little to do when it comes to getting people to like you, right?

Of course, when you’re competing against Rihanna, somehow this task becomes insurmountable.

Charlize Theron was on Late Night with Seth Meyers Wednesday. During the episode, Meyers revealed that Theron and Riri have the same publicist.

That’s pretty awesome! Two of the biggest women in entertainment, working with the same woman. A good connection there, right?

Well, in the video above, Theron explains why that isn’t the greatest thing on the planet.

Apparently, when your publicist works with a superstar like Rihanna, you can never quite match up. And sometimes Rihanna has to let you know that.

Theron’s publicist treats her professionally, and obviously does her job well. But man, it is just so hard to not love Rihanna isn’t it?

While Theron receives a normal “Happy Birthday” email from the publicist, Rihanna got a message saying “To my FAVORITE!”

That’s gotta burn.

What makes it worse is how Rihanna responded. She sent an email back saying she was going to put that email on a shirt and send it to Charlize.

Which, you know, she totally did.

While Theron obviously enjoyed the joke enough to share on live television, it’s gotta sting a little.

Still, it’s really obvious the two women had a good laugh over it.

This affectionate teasing is great publicity for Rihanna, who has been getting criticized online from her fans.

While Rihanna put out her first seven albums on an almost yearly basis, fans had to wait three years for 2016’s Anti. Now it’s been another three years and her next album has yet to drop.

Her fans online are kind of freaking out about the wait.

Charlize has also had her share of controversy after revealing her older child identified as a girl. This has brought up the argument about trans children in many articles across the internet.

In the end, it’s great to have a moment of laughter between the two women. Life may not be exactly difficult when you’re rich, but at the very least, it’s nice to be able to ignore the dumb things people say about you online.