J. Lo Walking In On Katy Perry Dressed As A Hamburger In The Bathroom At The Met Gala Is All Kinds Of Iconic

The Met Gala theme of “camp” set the tone for a very interesting evening with a total disparity of looks.

While some stars apparently thought the theme of “camp” referred to “camping”


…there were a lot of looks that didn’t quite line up with the theme…

…and then some that took camp to a new level.

Katy Perry had a couple of fun camp moments.

For example, her take on Lumiere from Beauty And The Beast:

And then she was also a Happy Meal.

But the best part of Katy Perry’s Happy Meal eleganza was when she was getting into the costume in the bathroom.

Only to have J.Lo walk in and look extremely unamused.

Fans gagged at J. Lo’s non-reaction reaction.

J. Lo and Katy Perry are on the panels of different talent reality shows (J. Lo is on World Of Dance while Perry is a judge on American Idol) but otherwise, they don’t seem to have any baggage between them.

But watching Perry try and shimmy into a burger outfit in the most normal looking bathroom ever isn’t something to completely not react to, and J. Lo pulled that power move.

J. Lo’s look had you wondering if diamonds really were a girl’s best friend:

Meanwhile, A. Rod’s idea of “camp” was the gays’ “dressing normally for a slightly fancy event.”

He couldn’t even match the pants.

But still, J. Lo was queen of being completely unfazed by the burger shimmy.


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