This Old Tweet From The USC Women’s Rowing Team Is Now Cringey AF

With the college admissions scandal far from over, some people are finding hints hiding in plain sight. And one of the universities involved in the scam is catching heat.

Celebrities like Lori Loughlin became infamous for paying their way into having their children be accepted to colleges like USC. This was done through altering entrance tests and bribing officials to get their kids onto athletic teams they weren’t actually qualified for.

Now, an old tweet from the USC Women’s Rowing team from last year has been going viral this week for the exact wrong reason.

Loughlin and her husband Mossimo have been accused of paying $500,000 to get their daughters into USC as rowing recruits. This is despite the fact that neither of their daughters are athletes, much less rowers.

With that bit in mind, the above tweet appears shockingly blatant.

The tweet tries to recruit new athletes, asking,

“Want to become a Division I athlete?”

It then invites students to look at the rowing team. It shares a poster, proudly advertising,

“No previous rowing experience necessary.”

No experience, huh? How much will I have to pay?

There have been a few people defending the advertisement for the team.

To start, rowing is not a common sport for teenagers. Inviting them to try out without experience is common to get new athletes to discover the sport.

Additionally, this tryout would have been for kids who had already gotten into USC, rather than those trying to get in. It’s unlikely this was how they recruited desperate parents.

And of course, some USC rowers have to deal with this kind of teasing daily now.

However, the jokes aren’t aimed at the kids, or anyone interested in rowing. They’re aimed squarely at the people who tried to game the system.

Rowing experience may not be necessary, but being an athlete usually is. Also, actually trying out is leagues better than just paying $500,000 to have someone declare your daughter a rower.

And if we don’t make fun of this prescient poster, how can we get Full House jokes like this?

It has been months since this story broke, but somehow, pointing out that Aunt Becky bought her daughter’s way into a college education is still funny.

This was a horrifying abuse of power and wealth that goes unchecked by those with more money on a daily basis, but it’s a little funny that Aunt Becky got caught.

And maybe in the future, USC will review how it admits students, so women’s rowing teams aren’t caught in the crossfire.