Richard Madden And Sophie Turner Had An Emotional Reunion At The Met Gala—And The North Is Remembering HARD

The Met Gala’s theme this year was “camp,” and it provided many Hollywood stars with the opportunity to get creative on the red carpet. We’ve covered Jared Leto‘s severed head prop and Harry Styles‘s excellent decision to wear black lace, just for starters.

What we haven’t covered yet is the adorable reunion between Richard Madden and Sophie Turner, both of whom became Hollywood names for playing siblings Robb and Sansa Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones. (There are no spoilers for the current and final season in this article, dear reader, so don’t fret.)

Just look at how cute they are.

Aren’t they adorable?

Wholesome, indeed.

Talk about a long overdue reunion.

Madden hasn’t been on Game of Thrones since his character was killed off during Season 3’s infamous “Red Wedding” sequence, in which Robb, his new wife, and his mother are murdered by the head of House Frey.

Fans miss him a lot, by the way.

Turner’s become a remarkably pivotal character since then. Now in Season 8, HBO’s hit show has established Sansa as one of the smarter (and more humane) leaders in Westeros.

She’s awesome and we look forward to seeing how her character develops in the final two episodes of the series.

Seeing these two together is so precious.

Turner, who last week married pop singer Joe Jonas, can next be seen onscreen reprising the role of Jean Grey in Dark Phoenix, the latest addition to the X-Men franchise. Madden won a Golden Globe this year for his starring role in the television miniseries Bodyguard.

These two have done quite well since HBO made them stars, and we need them to hang out again ASAP.

The North remembers.