Cardi B Sends A Message Of Support To Britney Spears And Opens Up About Her Dreams For A Future Collaboration

Cardi B recently sent a tender message of support to another gilded queen of pop.

ET’s Katie Krause interviewed Cardi on a range of subjects before the unveiling of her Fashion Nova line in Los Angeles.  Britney Spears came up, who recently drew attention for working out to Cardi’s music on Instagram.

But Britney’s also dealing with a reported mental health crisis amidst bitter legal drama with her former manager.

“I love you and I totally understand…fame will drive you insane,” said Cardi about Britney’s struggle.

Reports suggest Spears recently checked herself into a mental health facility following “tremendous stress” over her father’s illness.

Others reckon Britney’s legal troubles are worsening her condition. She’s locked in an odd dispute with former manager Sam Lufti over “threatening text messages.”

Spears filed a restraining order.

So maybe right now would be the perfect time to rebound with a Cardi B collab.

People on social media reacted to Cardi B’s enthusiasm to work with Britney Spears.

But a couple of people took issue with Cardi’s word choice. 

Face it, Cardi B is gonna be Cardi B.

Her heart was in the right place!

Britney fans took the opportunity to spread the hashtag #FreeBritney.

The longtime battle over Spears’ conservatorship is sparking debate online. 

Other stars like Miley Cyrus have spoken on Britney’s concerning situation.

Some fans allege Britney’s conservatorship is abusive.

Given the sensitvie nature of Britney’s mental health crisis, she totally deserves privacy.

But it’s amazing to see Cardi B send such a strong blast of positivity and empowerment her way.