George Clooney Reveals How His 2017 Motorcycle Accident Used Up His ‘Nine Lives’

A year ago, George Clooney had a brush with death when the Ocean’s Eleven star hit a Mercedes at 70-miles an hour.

Fortunately, he survived and his second chance at life entails giving up riding motorcycles at the insistence of his wife, Amal Clooney.

Clooney recently shared his story.

On Wednesday, Clooney discussed last year’s collision while at a panel promoting Hulu’s Catch-22 mini-series in New York.

“I got into a really bad accident. I hit a guy at 70 miles an hour on my bike. Got launched. And so… I’m off of bikes.”

The father of twins – daughter, Ella, and son, Alexander – recalled the incident again as a guest on Thursday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said he “used up nine lives.”

  “I actually thought that was it. Do that 100 times, 99 [of those] times I wouldn’t be around [after]. So I used up nine lives, and then my wife and I said, ‘Ok, I’m off two wheels.’ “

Ellen sympathized with Clooney, who just turned 58 on Monday, and prepared a special gift for him: a custom-made three-wheeled, senior scooter that featured his cover from PEOPLE’s 1997 Sexiest Man Alive issue.

“I’m now the AARP Sexiest Man Still Alive,” touted the two-time Oscar-winner as he mounted his new steel pony.

You can watch George Clooney take Ellen’s scooter for a spin in the full interview here.

“Oh, I like it, I like it,” he said approvingly as the studio audience cheered him on.

“I’ve never felt more masculine, honestly. It’s a good thing I’m married because it’s over.”

The Ellen Show YouTube viewers marveled over his enduring sex appeal and ability to maintain being a complete goofball.

“It’s frustrating sometimes to see that he just isn’t ageing. I mean I love him, but how ???”

Apoorva Singh

“He’s one of those people that is just legitimately funny. He doesn’t try to be, he just is. And still incredibly sexy, AARP or not.”

Jennifer Bureau

“The last few seconds of this clip perfectly show how Clooney is hilarious even when he’s not really trying”

Frankie McGill

“Only George Clooney could go flying 70mph and still look like a billion bucks”


“Thank you Ellen’s team for bringing out George Clooney. He is a man of character. :-)”

Michael Bauer

Clooney was hospitalized in Italy last July after a Mercedes cut across his path. The then-57-year-old was thrown from his bike and landed on the asphalt but didn’t sustain major injuries.

The actor was in the country filming for Hulu’s upcoming miniseries Catch-22 based on Joseph Heller’s 1961 novel of the same name that was previously a film in 1970 directed by Mike Nichols.

Clooney will play the role of Col. Cathcart – previously played in the film by Martin Balsam – and will be joined by co-stars Kyle Chandler and Christopher Abbott.

Catch-22 will mark Clooney’s return to TV since leaving ER in 1999 as Dr. Doug Ross and is set to stream on May 17 on Hulu.