Miley Cyrus Hints About Her New Album In Controversial Social Media Post

Warning: Miley Cyrus’s new album promo could possibly trigger seizures according to some fans.

I wish I was kidding! The flashing black and white video reads: SHE IS COMING, apparently the title of Miley’s next project.

But social media isn’t crazy about the promo’s strobe effect that could easily give someone a headache — or possibly worse. Either way, Miley’s three-seconds of eyeball assault is drumming up plenty of controversy on Twitter.

Avoid Miley’s latest tweet if you have photosensitivity to flashing lights. 

As for the actual music? Details are scarce, but Miley’s been dropping hints about working with superproducer Mark Ronson.

She recently played an unreleased song called “Bad Karma” at last week’s Met Gala in New York City.  And while there’s no official release date for the album…clearly ‘SHE IS COMING’ sometime soon.

But Miley’s twitter promo might be distracting from her music.

Not everyone agrees the short clip is “dangerous” though. 

People with epilepsy also reacted to Miley’s controversial post.

Others cracked jokes about the whole situation.

But potentially triggering a seizure to promote an album shouldn’t be a laughing matter. 

Luckily, these tweets promoting ‘SHE IS COMING’ are easier on the eyes.

Miley’s incredible at hyping up her work. Remember her nakedly riding that wrecking ball in 2013?

Now THAT was good album promotion. But her rapidly flashing video on Twitter?

Potentially dangerous and certainly unpleasant to look at for more than a couple of seconds.

We can only hope her next music video won’t be strobe-light themed.

Think of your fans’ health, Miley!