After Suspension, James Woods Says He’s Leaving Twitter Until ‘Free Speech Is Allowed’

James Woods is taking a stand against Twitter after they deleted a tweet that was considered to be of a threatening nature.

The conservative 72-year-old actor—notorious for spreading conspiracy theories online—said he would not engage with the social media platform until they “restore free speech.”

When Woods refused orders to remove the violent tweet from late April, Twitter suspended and then deleted his tweet.

His post read:

“If you try to kill the King, you better not miss. #HangThemAll.”

“Twitter demanded that I rescind my tweet paraphrasing Emerson,” Woods told The Daily Wire in a statement.

“It now seems they have chosen to delete that tweet from my account without my permission. Until free speech is allowed on Twitter, I will not be permitted to participate in our democracy with my voice. As long as Jack Dorsey remains the coward he seems to be, my Twitter days are in the past.”

Because Woods is no longer engaging online, his girlfriend Sara Miller notified followers of his status with an email he allegedly received on April 20.

The screenshot from the email implied that @RealJamesWoods violated rules “against abusive behavior.”

A spokesperson for Twitter told Fox News that the actor’s account has been locked and will “be required to delete a Tweet that violated the Twitter Rules before he can be reinstated.”

Twitter added that they enforce the rules “regardless of their background or political affiliation.”

Donald Trump had yet another opportunity to rail into the media and was among many supporters who spoke out and sided with Woods.

“How can it be possible that James Woods (and many others), a strong but responsible Conservative Voice, is banned from Twitter? Social Media & Fake News Media, together with their partner, the Democrat Party, have no idea the problems they are causing for themselves. VERY UNFAIR!”

Don Jr. followed his father’s lead and tweeted:

“It’s interesting how @twitter and @facebook both seem more concerned with silencing non-violent people who hold political opinions they disagree with, than violent terrorist organizations and the people that support them.”

The spawn added:

“Is really more “dangerous” than Hamas?”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), whom Woods endorsed back in November 2015, wrote:

“How is it that @RealJamesWoods is currently being banned on Twitter, but @JimCarrey is not? It’s certainly not any standard based on ‘hate.’ Carrey’s latest Twitter ‘art’ shows Bill Barr drowning in a sea of vomit. @Jack – how ‘bout we let everybody speak and the People decide?”

Others joined the delusional chorus.

While most users were happy to see him out the door.

During the California wildfires, Woods used Twitter to keep followers abreast of missing wildfire evacuees and was credited for helping victims unite with displaced family members.

But the actor’s altruistic endeavors became eclipsed by his more aggressive posting behavior.

In 2017, Woods used Twitter to perpetuate a conspiracy theory about George Soros being responsible for the violent far-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and in 2018, he posted in a now-deleted tweet that the series of mail bombs sent to Trump critics was nothing but a “political stunt.”

Smell ya later, James.