Fans Are Buzzing Over Renee Zellweger’s Transformation into Judy Garland In New Biopic

End Of The Rainbow already took Broadway by storm in 2012 with Tracie Bennett as Judy Garland.

The story follows Garland in the months leading up to her early death in 1969.

You can watch highlights from that performance here.

Now, we can expect the story to head over to the big screen as Judy, an adaptation of the stage version is set for release in late September, 2019.

Renée Zellweger, star of previous musical film Chicago, will portray Garland.

And her transformation is really something.

Take a look:

Fans honestly cannot believe how accurate the transformation is.

Judy Garland lived an extremely difficult life.

While under contract in Hollywood, she was so viciously manipulated by her studio: they would often take food away from her to “monitor her weight;” she found friends of hers were actually paid studio spies; and several of her marriages were arranged to gay men so she could be their cover, unbeknownst to her.

Garland died young, at the age of 47. Her later life was marred by addiction created by the drugs the studio gave her before she was even an adult, meant to keep her “thin.”

Today, she is remembered for everything from “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” in 1939’s The Wizard Of Oz:

To her one-take performance of “The Man That Got Away” in 1954’s A Star Is Born:

Needless to say, Zellweger has big shoes to fill in the fall.

But this story of Judy’s life is necessary, even all these years later.

Always remember the struggle it took to be the star that she was.