Sophie Turner Adds Fuel To The Fire Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ #Cupgate—And The Feud Is On

SPOILERS ABOUND! There are spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8 in this article. While nothing is spoiled for the most recent episode, some past episodes are discussed. Be warned.


The absolute scandal that consumed the internet for about half a day is still raging on a whole week later! #Cupgate has divided the Game of Thrones actors more than the War of Five Kings divided up Westeros.

And Sophie Turner is calling people out.

She makes a good argument as to why that cup that day wasn’t hers, but does it hold up?

Let’s back up and give some context here.

On a previous episode of Game of Thrones, there was a scene at Winterfell with everyone partying after surviving the onslaught of the army of the dead. Obviously, people were happy to have survived, and were drinking heavily to celebrate.

However, it looks like someone left a coffee cup on set, which made it past post-production, and into the show.

Don’t bother trying to stream the episode. The producers have since edited it out. But you can find it in videos and screenshots online.

That said, people have been asking, who left the cup on set?

Names have been thrown around, lines have been drawn, but the question is still asked, who left the coffee cup out?

Emilia Clarke tried to clear her name by saying she doesn’t drink Starbucks, but rather tea. Sophie Turner was not having it.

Was it Sansa herself?

While a fan theory (yes, we have fan theories about minor technical goofs now. Get used to it.) suggested the #cupgate was Turner’s fault after showing a behind the scenes photo with her holding a similar cup, Turner dismissed the claim.

On the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, a “fan” named Joe and Jimmy Fallon himself accused Turner of the internet claim.

However, she pointed out that the photo in question had Turner posing for a picture with Bella Ramsey, who played Lyanna Mormont. Lady Mormont, if you’ve been watching, perished in the previous episode, the one before the scandalous coffee incident.

Who then does she think did it?

“I mean, look who it’s placed in front of.”

Turner just threw the blame right back on Clarke!

Whatever the reason for the coffee cup, it’s likely we may never know the truth. There are hundreds of people working on each set, more who review all the footage, and somehow this #Cupgate slipped past all of them.

While some would like to believe that one of the upcoming spinoffs is about how Starbucks takes over Westeros, it’s not looking likely, especially since the cup has since been proven not to be from Starbucks at all.

There is only one way to settle this debate.

I left the coffee cup on set. Fight me.