Justin Timberlake Is Now A Doctor Thanks To An Honorary Degree, And He Celebrated In Epic Style

King of Pop? Nah. Justin Timberlake is the freshly crowned Doc of Pop.

The Berklee College of Music in Boston recently awarded Timberlake an honorary doctorate. You won’t see Justin doing kidney transplants anytime soon, though — it’s a Doctorate of Music. But still cool! Hip-hop queen Missy Elliott also received a doctorate during the same ceremony, making for one epic graduation. (Oh to be a graduating senior in that audience…)

Justin celebrated on social media, looking fierce in his cap and gown.

The Doc of Pop sounds beyond pumped to be a doctor:

“Ooh y’all messed up now, turned me into a doctor! Y’all messed up.”

He also popped bottles on a private jet afterward… definitely cooler than my graduation party.

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Ok, now time to celebrate…

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Missy Elliot also flexed her brand-new doctorate.

People on social media also reacted to Dr. Justin Timberlake.

But not everybody cheered the announcement of Dr. Timberlake.

Some defended Justin’s honorary degree, though.

Others shared their stories of education in later life.

It is kind of odd when universities award honorary doctorates to famous people like Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliot who, some could argue, have already received significant recognition  from their professions.

Students who’ve put in the hard work to earn that degree might feel cheapened. But it’s also true that some learn way more outside of a classroom. Why not honor both styles of education?