Ariana Grande Is Being Sued For Sharing Paparazzi Photos Of Herself—And Fans Can’t Even

Using a photographer’s photo without permission?

Thank u, next.

But a photo of yourself taken without your permission? Well…

Photographer Robert Barbera is reportedly suing Ariana Grande for posting photos of herself on Instagram. The claim is that doing so was a violation of copyright, and that she did not get permission from Barbera to post the photo.

The post in question garnered over three million likes and was shared to Grande’s 154 million Instagram followers.

Barbera is asking Grande for either $25,000 per photo, or a cut of her profit from the post itself.

Grande’s fans have taken to Twitter to express their distaste regarding the lawsuit.

However, others have come to the photographer’s defense.

They state that just because she is the subject of the photo, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need Barbera’s permission to post it.

Photo drama is a common theme for Grande, being as she is notoriously picky about how and when she wants photos taken of herself at concerts.

She typically requests to only be photographed on one side. She also requires that her team approve every photo that is snapped.

As for being the subject of a photograph, questions arise over when a waiver is and isn’t required from a photo subject whose likeness will be used for profit.

Regardless, the issue is bound to cause controversy.

Best case scenario? The lawsuit gets dropped.

Worst case? Ariana gets an expensive lesson about copyright law and rights to privacy.