Kylie Jenner Barely Had Time To Announce Her New Skincare Line Before The Internet Backlash Began

Kylie Jenner is back at it with a newly launched skincare product — but with the way it’s being received, she may want to go back to the drawing board. The beauty mogul is well known for her makeup, but skincare is a relatively new foray for her. Let’s just say the reception hasn’t exactly been warm.

Not all of the products are getting dragged. It’s mainly the walnut facial scrub. Before we explain why, take a look at the promo video she released on Twitter. 

So… awkwardness aside (we will get to that soon enough, folks — we’re not gonna leave you hanging on that one) … walnut scrub is a MAJOR SKINCARE NO NO. Walnut shells are way too abrasive to be used on the face. Classic skincare company St. Ives just went through a massive lawsuit over this very issue,  because their classic Apricot Scrub includes crushed walnut shells!

Though the lawsuit was tossed for technical reasons, both skincare experts and dermatologists agree that walnut scrubs are a bad idea. Walnut shells cause micro-tears and broken blood vessels in the skin, leaving you redder and more irritated over time.

Also, exfoliating is a once-a-week thing, Kylie. Certainly not every day! Kylie’s skin is amazing, yes. But that’s a product of her young age, good genetics, having a whole skincare team at her beck and call, and fantastic diet and lighting. We guarantee smashing ground up walnuts all over her face 2-3 times a week is not her secret to a fresh face.

Twitter was 100% ready to remind Kylie that walnut scrubs are literally damaging to skin: 


Walnuts weren’t the only thing people called out for being all sorts of wrong: 


So… um … maybe let’s skip this particular product if you’ve got sensitive skin, folks. We’re sure some people would swear up and down by their walnut scrubs (St. Ives wouldn’t still be a thing if some people didn’t like it, right?), but the rest of us may want to sit this one out.

As for Kylie … well … we’re sure her company (and her skin) will be just fine.