David Letterman’s Comments On Trump In Recent Interview Are Totally Brutal

Semi-retired talk show host David Letterman wants Democrats to quit whining about President Donald Trump.

Letterman recently sat down with Willie Geist from Sunday Today and unloaded on the 45th President. But he also cautioned opponents of Trump to “stop yacking about what a goon he is” and settle things in the 2020 election.

Letterman went on to say:

“I love being an American, but I don’t feel [Trump] represents me.”

His comments ended up sparking controversy.

When asked about how he’d approach the Trump presidency, Letterman said:

“head-on and inelegant.”

President Trump’s constant lies and unethical conduct makes it easy to obsess about his every move. And weirdly, it seems like he feeds off that negative publicity and outrage.

For David Letterman, Trump is like the evil Lord Voldemort. The more you say his name, the more powerful he becomes.

In that respect, the former late-night host makes a compelling point.

Maybe Democrats should stop talking about Trump so much and focus solely on winning in 2020.

Letterman’s fans cheered his takedown of Trump.

But plenty on Twitter didn’t agree they should “stop yacking” about Trump.

One thing’s clear:

Trump supporters REALLY don’t like Letterman speaking out.

Of course, one can both “yack” about Trump and prepare to vote blue in 2020.

And Letterman’s not alone in bracing for the 2020 election.

In a perfect world, we’d all stop obsessing over Trump. Wouldn’t that be nice?

But when you’ve got a Commander-in-Chief who literally can’t stop committing crimes and obstructing justice, it’s alarming to honest Americans. Nobody should sit back silently while this goes on.

Sorry Dave, we’re not going to stop “yacking” about our sketchy President until he’s out of office.

Letterman’s right about one thing, though. Let’s get focused on kicking Trump to the curb in 2020.