Some Guy Was Caught On Video Dropkicking Arnold Schwarzenegger From Behind In South Africa—And Arnold’s Response Is Legendary

We’ve probably all wanted to kick the crap out of a celebrity or two in our day, but how many of us have the guts—and extremely poor judgment—to actually do it? Let alone to the human tank that is Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Well it seems the answer is at least one very unfortunate dude!

Cuz some weirdo in Johannesburg, South Africa just full-on dropkicked Arnold Schwarzenegger in the back out of absolutely nowhere at an event on Saturday… and it didn’t go very well for him.

Watch the footage (pun intended) below.


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Okay so what the actual hell is going on here?

Well, according to The Independent… um… well… it’s basically what you just saw in the video. Arnie was taking a Snapchat at the Arnold Classic Africa, part of the Arnold Sports Festival that he started in 1989, when some dude came out of nowhere and *checks notes* kicked him in the back.

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Although Arnold Sport Festival Africa itself put out a press release that paints a picture of a wide-webbed conspiracy at play.

Ah! A repeat offender known to police. A planned attack.

And yet “None of us could have foreseen that something like this could have taken place…” So… okay then?

Anyone else getting the feeling that Johannesburg is some small town on a sitcom with a bumbling police department instead of one of the 50 largest urban areas in the world?

Anyway, for his part, Arnie was basically unfazed, as you can see in this alternate angle that is also hilarious.

And he took it all in stride with his usual “Hasta la vista, baby” aplomb.

Yessss! Drag him Arnie!

Unfazed, unaffected, unbothered. A true champion.

Okay so now that we know Arnie’s fine, let’s get to the real tea. I don’t want it to be, but this video is hilarious.

Sorry Arnie!

The way it just comes completely out of nowhere… the element of surprise is really used effectively here. I was not expecting the big twist.

I was sitting there, watching the video in which NOTHING is happening, and then kablam!

Out of nowhere. As if by magic. Some dude FALLS FROM THE SKY and tries and fails to bury a boot in Arnie’s ass!

How did he do it‽ Where did he come from‽ Is he an especially aggro and incompetent acrobat‽

Whatever, FIVE STARS!!!

Anyway, on Twitter, people were pretty firmly Team Arnie as they should be, since rude kicking dude failed so epically. And also that movie Kindergarten Cop rules.

And many, against their better judgment, were unable to keep themselves from laughing.

Anyway, what did we learn today?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was The Terminator for a reason and you cannot take him down even if you turn your entire self into a flying projectile. Write that down.

And anyone who wants a few more laughs at the former Governators expense, Last Action Hero is available here.