Keanu Reeves Reveals ‘Speed 3’ Pitch and ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure 3’ And Fans Are Like ‘Whoa’

You may have heard the most excellent news of Bill & Ted 3. 

Fans have already been wildly speculating about the upcoming feature:

In Variety’s podcast, The Big Ticket, Keanu Reeves went live on air to talk about the third installment in the excellent franchise, entitled Bill & Ted Face the Music.

The original Bill And Ted showed up on movie screens in 1989.

That seems like a long time between the first and final installments of a trilogy, but the third movie was actually conceived eight years ago.

“We worked on some drafts together,” Reeves said about the writers.

But the project wasn’t yet meant to be.

It fell apart when “it went through the shenanigans of show business rights and deals and stuff.”

But could this be the only third sequel of a famed Keanu Reeves movie?

If you don’t count his just released John Wick 3—or The Matrix and we certainly do NOT—then yes.  It will be.

Speed 3 is a no go, says Reeves.


“We’ll be 65!”

“I’m driving [or] Annie’s driving because I don’t remember where I am.”

And the script would mostly consist of:

“Where are we going? I want ice cream!”

Aug. 21, 2020.  Mark your calendars, journeyers.

That is the day when Bill and Ted finally face that music.

In the meanwhile, you can always keep yourself busy by watching Speed and celebrating the pre-geriatric days.

Be excellent to each other, my dudes.