Leslie Jones Hit It Out Of The Park With Her Take On The Alabama Abortion Ban On ‘SNL’

In response to Alabama’s recently-passed abortion ban, Leslie Jones appeared on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update to deliver a message many people found both incredibly hilarious and moving.

Jones’s speech is exactly what we needed right now.

Watch her hot take here.

Any line from the short monologue made for a great soundbite.

Of course, Leslie also let her well-known love for Game of Thrones shine through.

Women everywhere cheered Leslie on as she said what they’ve been thinking for weeks.

The congressmen from Alabama had better watch out, because Leslie Jones is coming for you with a vengeance. 

Jones’s strongly-worded indictment of the many abortion bans being passed in conservative America had a lasting impact on many who watched it.

Celebrities rallied behind Jones on Twitter!

At a time when women’s rights are very much under fire, Leslie Jones is sounding the battle horns to fight back.

The comedian knows these bans are unacceptable in every way.

Leslie Jones 2020?