Future Got His Son A Rolex For His 5th Birthday, And His Son’s Reaction Is Everything

The thing about kids is that, well, they’re kids, so they don’t appreciate the things they should.

Chicken nuggets? Hell, yeah! Ina Garten’s perfect roast chicken? Nah.

Disneyland? Yes, please! Yosemite National Park? Pass.

Toys? GIMME! A Rolex? *blank stare*

Now you may think that last one is kind of ridiculous but… I got an internet video for you that says otherwise! Cuz rapper Future recently tried to give his son a Rolex for his 5th birthday and… well… it didn’t go that great!

In the video, Future presents his little boy with the shiny Rolex and his son is basically like, “Frankly, my dude, I don’t give a damn.” It’s a low-key epic.

I mean, let’s be real: he was subtle about it, but little man straight-up DRAGGED his dad!

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Consider the subtext, which is basically: “Hey Dad, I’ma let you finish, but I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THIS AT ALL WHERE ARE MY LEGOS?”

That languid, disinterested little “Thaaanks” at the end is everything. It is a mood for all seasons. It is the insincere, internal reply to every work email ever written, every unhelpful customer service encounter,  and every date you have ever been on (or is that just me?).


It will ring out in my heart forevermore.

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And the internet is similarly in hysterics over this little boy’s lack of enthusiasm for his totally age-inappropriate gift! 

A few others couldn’t help but come to Future’s defense.



Aww, don’t worry,

. It’s the thought that counts!