Twitter Is Dragging A ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Hard After He Said He Was Already ‘Falling In Love’ In Episode Two In Episode Two

Well, it wouldn’t be The Bachelorette without a weirdo try-hard or two, and this season is proving no exception.

We’re only two episodes deep, but that hasn’t stopped good ol’ Southern boy Luke P. from doing the absolute most. In fact, doing too much. Way too much.

Like professing his actual love for Bachelorette Hannah. ON EPISODE TWO.

Watch it for yourself. It’s… a lot!

Oh brother…

I mean, I don’t want to piss on Luke’s parade or whatever (wait, yes I do) but come on, dude. Like really? After two weeks?!

When I’m two weeks into dating someone, I’m still deciding on whether their Katy Perry obsession is something I can tolerate for the rest of the week, much less my entire life.

And this dude is in whole-ass love?!

And that’s besides the fact that this was during the TALENT portion of the show! You know, where you, like, sing a song! Or play the guitar! Or, like, juggle or some shi* IDK! A TALENT!

Read a damn Shakespeare sonnet, if you have, to! Whatever!

But professing your entirely premature, frankly kind of creepy love for a literal stranger does not a talent make, Luke!

Image result for hasn't got the range gif

I mean the sheer unmitigated temerity!

At any rate, the internet was definitely in a similar place of “BISH WHET?!” and the tweets were, as always, golden!

Anyway… here’s, um… sending all the best to Luke P as he embarks on this journey or whatever. What I’m trying to say is—oh the hell with it. LUKE GET HELP YOU’RE BONKERS CRAZY GIRL.

Okay there, I said it.