John Oliver Just Dragged Meghan McCain And Her Husband Hard Over That Whole Seth Meyers Debacle

Whether or not they’re fans of his show (and most of them probably are), John Oliver stands up for his fellow late-night hosts.

During a recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Meghan McCain was asked by the host about her remarks about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

McCain’s defensiveness led to a very uncomfortable, awkward interview.

After her appearance, McCain’s husband, Ben Domenech, publisher of the conservative press outlet The Federalist, went on a profanity-laden tweet storm against Meyers, referring to him as an “awful person” and a “monumental asshole.”

Domenech would later delete the tweets.

However, John Oliver definitely saw them and had a few seconds to spare during his Sunday broadcast to send McCain and Domenech some shade:


While speaking of the Icelandic BDSM anti-capitalist band Hatari, Oliver took an unexpected jab at McCain:

“You may be thinking that’s the most embarrassing child of a prominent political figure you’ve ever seen, but let me remind you of the continued existence of Meghan McCain!”

Oliver didn’t stop there.

He continued to rip into McCain’s husband for his behavior surrounding the Meyers interview:

“Oh no! Oh no! I bet her husband is going to get so mad at me now! What on earth is he going to tweet and then delete? I can’t wait to find out!”

Twitter, always a fan of continued drama, loved Oliver entering into the fray.

People were also pretty happy to see McCain dragged for her positions:

Predictably, McCain didn’t respond to the jokes very well.

Other people thought Meghan McCain didn’t deserve a joke… but her husband certainly did.

Most people, however, were glad to see them both receive quality burns.

Well done, John Oliver; late-night hosts should stick together!