Jason Momoa Livestreamed His Reaction To The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale—And Let’s Just Say He Was PISSED

Did you hate the way Game of Thrones ended? We know literally thousands of people did. The end upset so many people that there’s actually a petition going around to have it re-written. It won’t get anywhere, but it makes people feel better being able to air their grievances.

People are pretty annoyed with a few key points. (Spoilers ahead, but seriously, why are you reading this if you’re trying to avoid spoilers?)

How did Bran end up king when he did exactly nothing for eight seasons? Did they just go right back to the same system they were all trying to break away from? Jon Snow ends up, essentially, banished? Daenerys dies?

This happens!?!

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Anyway, if you watched the finale sitting on your couch screaming at the television, you should know you’re not alone. At least one other Game of Thrones celeb has been pretty open about his dissatisfaction.

Khal Drogo was NOT a fan of how the writers played his Khaleesi.

Jason Momoa livestreamed himself watching the final episode and… um… let’s just say it was an intense and emotional ride for him. Momoa played Khal Drogo, Daenerys Targaryen’s husband and father of her (human) child. The two had a tragic end to their love story, with Dany losing both her man and her baby.

Momoa, known for being loyal and outspoken about his adoration for “wifey” (both his real-world wife, Lisa Bonet, and his on-screen wife, Dany) had a hard time handling her death at the hands of Jon Snow.

Yeah… none of the language here is safe for work. Momoa is a passionate man. 


Soooo… yeah… Momoa had a lot of the same questions the rest of us had. Mainly: Why would you go back to the same system you spent eight seasons fighting against in the first place?! Frustrated, Momoa grumbles “we’re gonna go to the bars and we’re gonna get in a fight.” (Don’t worry. It didn’t happen… but we totally get those feels, Momoa.)

He also dropped this gem about what Drogon should have done. 

“Let me get this sh*t straight. You’re going back to what the f*ck you did in the first place and you killed Khaleesi. Oh my god… I feel lost. I’m lost. What the f*ck? Drogon should have f*cking melted his ass.”


Twitter was not in the least bit surprised with his reaction. Jason Momoa is all of us. 


His reactions didn’t stop there. He hopped on Emilia Clark’s Instagram to drop a few comments —and that’s a whole new level of Momoa adorable. 


Now we know, Jason Momoa is as much of a disappointed fan as all the rest of us are — but that’s kind of a good thing. If a series can inspire this much passion and anger from its fans, that means they did something right.

I mean, not that last episode, but something.