Seth Rogen’s GQ Photoshoot Just Ignited A Whole Slew Of Thirst Tweets—And We Totally Get It

Guys, we’re about to have a conversation that a lot of you aren’t going to be comfortable with. For others, this is a conversation you’ve been trying to have for years. Somewhere along the way, Seth Rogen went from “haha funny-man” to “wait… he’s kind of hot.”

When we first met Seth, he was typically the butt of the joke, tossed on screen to bring a laugh. Stoner humor was absolutely his happy place. 

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Lately, though, he’s been moving into a more directorial/behind-the-scenes role … and it’s gotten pretty interesting. As people see more of his intellect and he’s gotten a chance to be more outspoken, there’s been a transformation happening.

Seth Rogen kind of became a totally crush-worthy creative powerhouse and passionate advocate. When nobody but his hardcore fans were looking, Seth Rogen hit a totally thirst-worthy era.

Need evidence? May we present to you, his recent GQ cover

Oh, the cover isn’t enough to convince you? That’s fine. Peep some of these interior images.


We know, right!?!? We don’t know when it happened, exactly — but we are totally changing his name to Snack Rogen. Officially. Twitter is on board with this 100%

Let the thirst tweets commence: 


Even Seth… ahem … *Snack* was into the cover – but for a totally different and adorable reason. His pup! 


He wasn’t the only one to notice Zelda looked fab. 


There you have it, folks. This has been a moment of appreciation for Seth “Snack” Rogen and his gloriously gorgeous dog, Zelda. You’re welcome.