Halle Berry And Lena Waithe 100% Made Out Last Night On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

While Jimmy Kimmel was away from his desk at the Jimmy Kimmel Live, his guest host, Lena Waithe, got some pretty fantastic experiences.

Waithe, known as an Emmy-winning writer and producer on Netflix’s Master of None, was about half-way through her opening monologue when she asked sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez what the best way to get fans hyped for the show might be.

He, of course, suggested the “Berry Button.”

Waithe told Guillermo to hit the large, recently-installed red button, and, sure enough, Halle Berry appeared onstage! 

Berry, who previously worked with Waithe on the show Boomerang, offered her some passionate words of encouragement.

“I know that you are a force of nature, right? You are a beautiful African American queen going after everything that is hers.”

When Waithe didn’t seem adequately encouraged, however, Berry had no choice but to give Waithe the smooch of a lifetime!

Lena, who identifies as a lesbian, seemed flattered and ended her monologue by hitting the Berry Button once again!

Twitter couldn’t get enough of the clip:

People were basically just playing the video on repeat.

Of course, many people were also aware Waithe is currently engaged to be married to someone who is NOT Halle Berry!

Maybe it’s time Lena Waithe gets her own hosting gig.

If every time she’s on TV is as hyped as this time, I’m sure she won’t say no.