Millie Bobby Brown’s Impression Of Amy Winehouse Is Honestly Impressive AF

If all you know about Millie Bobby Brown is that she’s adorable and a talented actress, we’re about to change your whole perspective on her.

Fans of Stranger Things got to know Millie when she was just a little kid. At 15, she’s far from what we would call an adult but she’s much more mature and focused than before.

And it almost seems like as she grows, more talents just pop up out of nowhere.

We know Millie can act. We know Millie is a passionate advocate for kindness (her Twitter username is Millie Stops Hate, you guys!). We totally knew Millie was into music.

We did not know Millie Bobby Brown could actually sing. Not just sing, but sing.

Like sing really well, honestly.

Jimmy Fallon typically has Millie play some sort of musical game when she’s on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. He, like her, is an absolute lover of music.

This time, he shared a short clip of five-year-old Millie jamming out to an Amy Winehouse song.

Fifteen-year-old Millie insisted she could do better now.

So she did, laying out a much more mature version of Amy Winehouse’s take on Valerie

She still has a youthful lightness to her voice, but there’s absolutely no denying the girl has a solid set of pipes. The show tweeted out a short clip of Millie singing and Twitter is absolutely into it!

Here’s the tweet: 

It got some seriously shocked and supportive responses. 


This isn’t the first time Millie has shocked people with her vocal abilities, though. 

Keep surprising people, Millie!

We’re totally here for it.