Chris Evans Has Seen Those Memes Of Him With Acrylic Nails And Weaves—And He Approves

If this doesn’t officially seal the deal on Chris Evans being the Best Hollywood Chris then I just don’t know what will!

I don’t know about you, but memes are the only thing keeping me alive nowadays. Remember when the internet was just mostly fun instead of a non-stop horror show?

Thankfully, there are still people out here maintaining corners of the internet that are just full-on, non-stop hilarity–particularly so-called “Black Twitter.”

Now there are, of course, plenty of arguments to be made for the other entries on the list of  Best Hollywood Chrises (except for Pratt, he’s canceled). But when it comes to Twitter, no Chris rules the platform like Chris Evans. That’s just a fact.

So what if Black Twitter focused its powers of hilarity on Chris Evans himself? What sort of magic would we get?

We’d get the funniest sh*t to hit Twitter in ages.


In recent weeks, Black Twitter has really showed up for us, taking normal, every day pictures of Chris Evans and photoshopping him to have acrylic nails, weaves, and Black Twitter catchphrases.

And it has had everyone on Twitter in hysterics. INCLUDING:


It all started when Twitter users @FlorrNion, @alamanecer and others began making the memes.

Each one funnier than the last.

And then others began following suit.

Soon, there were so many that some on Black Twitter began giving them their own name: Captain Acryllica!

And the laughs just kept on coming!

Until some ingenious person edited a bunch of the memes together and added City Girls’ “Act Up” as a soundtrack and then things went over the edge!

The video went so viral it made its way to Captain America–er, Acryllica–himself. Whereupon Twitter lost its collective mind!


People even started calling for Chris Evans to make this a lifestyle! Which…

…who knows?! Our Best Hollywood Chris is such a good sport, he may just be down at the nail salon as we speak! Stay tuned to Chris Evans’s Twitter feed for updates!