Someone Tweeted That ‘Ed Sheeran Got Hot,’ And The Internet Took It And Ran

There are so many adjectives to describe Ed Sheeran.

Surely many would go with “genius.” His albums, after all, have a tendency to shatter records left and right in several different parts of the world.

“Accomplished” could be another—the guy’s list of awards and accolades is reeeeeally long, especially when weighed against the relatively short length of his career so far.

But what about “hot”?

Not “cute,” or “endearing,” or even “handsome,” but rather “hot.” You know, the word we use for people like Jason Momoa and Keanu Reeves and Best Hollywood Chris Chris Evans?

Would you ever… use that… particular adjective…?

About Ed Sheeran…?

Well someone on the internet did and, um, suffice it to say there is… a diversity of opinion about it!

So it all started when Twitter user @snollygoster tweeted out two pics of a shirtless Ed Sheeran showing off his multitudinous tattoos.

The tattoos were surprise enough (raise your hand if you had NO idea Sheeran was this into body art), but what really got people’s attention was the caption…

“GUYS ED SHEERAN GOT HOT” really got people’s brains churning.

And, well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words!

Which is why the memes about just where Sheeran falls on the hotness scale came rolling in like a tidal wave.

And some of the memes were even downright cruel…

Or downright cruel AND terrifying…

Nobody deserves to be compared to Carrot Top.


And Ted Cruz?! That’s a low blow!

I mean he’s the Zodiac Killer for goodness sake!

Now to be fair, not EVERYONE disagreed with @snollygoster…

Buuuuut… they were few and far between…

Let’s just chalk this one up to one of those “different strokes for different folks” situations.

Everyone’s somebody’s idea of hot!

And if Ed Sheeran is yours, well… okay, you may be in the minority if the internet is to be believed but you’re definitely not alone!