If You Played The ‘Mystery Date’ Board Game From The Early 2000s, You Probably ‘Dated’ Chris Evans

Good news everyone!

The truth you’ve always held in your heart—that Best Hollywood Chris, Chris Evans, is secretly in love with you—is now an actual truth outside your heart.

Probably. On a technicality.

So, remember the board game “Mystery Date”?

If not, jog your memory with this hilariously dumb commercial from 2002 with a jingle that sounds like bargain-basement Backstreet Boys (also known as 98 Degrees—hey-ohhh). 

Did you catch the part at the 0:12 mark about “Secret Beach”?

Well, as writer Dana Schwartz recently discovered, GUESS WHO HANGS OUT AT SECRET BEACH‽‽


All our dreams are coming true!

Now, when your family is like “Please stop saying Chris Evans is your committed life partner, he doesn’t even know you and we think you should see a doctor,” you can show them this and be like “COUNTERPOINT AUNT KAREN ANYTHING ELSE YOU’D LIKE TO DISCUSS?”

Image result for bridesmaids anything to share gif

Although you may feel a bit duped by your longtime boyfriend Chris “Tyler” Evans, like Dana Schwartz and a couple others did…

Which is perfectly understandable. But just remember, love is about forgiveness and compromise. Don’t go throwing away what you and Chris Evans have over a simple misunderstanding.

Maybe the batteries in that hilariously enormous fake cellphone were dying and you misheard his name.

And MapQuest gave terrible directions so it’s no wonder you never found Secret Beach. Could happen to anyone.

Anyway, on the ol’ internet, people rightfully freaked out about this whole Chris Evans/Tyler thing.

And some couldn’t help but notice how “Tyler” has definitely improved with age.

And one eagle-eyed reader spotted what might be yet ANOTHER undercover Avenger hiding in the “Mystery Date” universe… is that… now it can’t be… but maybe…?

No word as yet whether Chris Evans has seen this latest bit of viral Chris Evans worship (as tends to happen with Chris Evans memes) but he HAS admitted to being the “Tyler” of our dreams.

Take that, Aunt Karen!

Mystery Date has been around since the 1960s. You can’t get Chris Evans in the board game, but you can get the 1965 version in a collector’s tin, available here.