A Creepy Wooden Sculpture Of Melania Trump Was Just Unveiled In Her Hometown And People Are Torn

Melania Trump has her fair share of fans here in America, but there are also those who look up to the first lady overseas in her home country of Slovenia.

At least, we THINK they look up to her. It’s hard to tell.

Local chainsaw artist Ales Zupevc recently unveiled a “tribute” to the American First Lady near Melania’s hometown. Commissioned by Berlin-based American artist Brad Downey, the sculpture was carved out of a living Linden tree and shows a woman (supposedly Mrs. Trump) waving a club-like hand while wearing the blue dress Melania wore during her husband’s inauguration.

If the artist hadn’t told us the statue was supposed to be Melania, however, we might not have recognized her.

Locals noted to the BBC that the statue  “doesn’t look anything like Melania.” Even a leaflet in a nearby gallery wasn’t sure whether the sculpture should be taken seriously:

“‘Perhaps we are simply trying vigorously to make sense of things that might only be a slapstick prank,’ it said in a leaflet. Who knows?”

Many people who have looked at pictures of the statue find themselves inexplicably “cursed” by its image…

Others thought the artist did a pretty good job.

There’s definitely something a bit…off about the carving’s face.

Sculpture Melania will come for you in your nightmares.

It seems Ales Zupevc is going to sculpt whatever his muse inspires him to.

The Melania statue reminded many people of another piece of meme-ified modern art.

For a more flattering representation of the FLOTUS, President Donald J. Trump Paper Dolls: Commemorative Inaugural Edition are available here.


“Six realistic models portray the 45th President, his wife Melania, and his sons and daughters. A dazzling full-color wardrobe of accurately re-created apparel features the clothes the Trumps wore to the daytime inauguration ceremony as well as their sumptuous evening wear for the balls and galas. Bonus outfits include ensembles from key stops along the campaign trail.”

Melania’s husband, President Donald Trump, might have stepped in to say something if he wasn’t having art troubles of his own.

After his 4th of July gaffe in which President Trump accidentally spoke of airports being fought over during the American Revolution, many people online have been mocking him by adding some subtle alterations to paintings from that period.

Oh well, Melania!

Better to be memorialized in bad art than in no art at all, right? Right?