Ellen Barkin Just Dragged The Hell Out Of Captain Kangaroo And Shari Lewis After the Mister Rogers Trailer Dropped

Ellen Barkin’s Twitter profile continues its meteoric rise in the ranks of the best celebrity Twitter feeds around.

The Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress had already been a prime Twitter follow for her outspoken, slightly mom-y takedowns of President Trump. (Like when she told him to take a long walk off a short pier. Poetry!)

Then she made legions of fans of cult favorite Drop Dead Gorgeous… well, drop dead of delight when she tweeted as her character Annette about its release on Hulu.

And now she’s out here full-on DRAGGING some of our childhood heroes. Do not cross Ellen Barkin!



What inspired this epic drag?

You may have heard that there’s an upcoming film about Mr. Rogers, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, starring Tom Hanks as children’s television icon Mr. Rogers.

The trailer just dropped this week, and Twitter momentarily became a repository for people’s nostalgic tears for the beloved, comforting TV host.

I teared up just from the theme song’s opening notes in the first 3 seconds…

Mr. Rogers is obviously a hero, but if you were thinking of venerating Rogers’ television contemporaries Captain Kangaroo or Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop, Ellen Barkin would like a word or two with you, specifically the words “HELL NO!”.

The two shared a similar level of fame and adulation to Mr. Rogers in their day.

Captain Kangaroo (real name Bob Keeshan) was an iconic and beloved children’s television star whose show of the same name was the longest running children’s show in history (just shy of 30 years). 

And ventriloquist Shari Lewis, along with her puppet sidekick Lamb Chop, enjoyed an even lengthier career that began on Captain Kangaroo in 1956 and ended when she passed away in 1998. 

She was so influential that she and Lamb Chop even testified before Congress in 1993!

But to hear Barkin tell it, they were “child-hating frauds” for whom fame went directly to their heads. No biopics, please!

And on Twitter, fans were not exactly surprised… seems plenty of people don’t remember them as fondly as they do Mr. Rogers.

And a few had some stories of their own to back up Barkin’s!

But for some this all came as a very unpleasant surprise!

And some were just here for a new episode of their favorite show, Ellen Barkin Dragging People on Twitter!

Anyway, moral of the story:


She will drag you to filth whether you’re dead or alive and the masses will be cheering your demise. Long live our Queen!

The documentary film about the life of Fred Rogers, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? is now available here.