Solange Knowles Put Everyone On Blast After Some ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Struggled To Name Her Recent Album

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we were all chosen to live in a time where we have not just Beyoncé, but her equally (some would say even more don’t @ me) talented sister Solange.

Like, what did any of us do to deserve this blessing?

But despite winning a Grammy for the very first single off her very first studio album, breaking YouTube so badly with her iconic videos that even The New Yorker had to write about it, and having one of the best-reviewed albums of the year so farWhen I Get Home, there are still some heathens out there who don’t know their Solange.

Specifically these three firecrackers of Jeopardy! contestants whose hilariously flummoxed reaction to a Solange-related question tickled even Solange herself.

Poor Sam, Kirsten and Steven.

They were just really out of their depth on this one!

Even Solange had to throw them just a tiny bit of shade on Instagram.



I mean the looks on their faces! The way they just all stare blankly into the middle distance completely stumped is really something.

Their outsides appear calm and collected but it’s like you can actually SEE their panicked internal monologues…

As if that weren’t enough, Solange was also tickled by the way Alex Trebek said her album name… which after she pointed it out, is indeed very strange.



Anyway, naturally Black Twitter had a field day with this latest unintentionally hilarious episode of White People White Peopling, and the jokes came in hot! 

Including, of course, some truly hilarious narration of poor Sam, Kirsten and Steven’s inner monologues…

So let this be a lesson folks: When even the likes of Alex Trebek knows the Solange catalog, you have homework to do.

Get to it!

You can get When I Get Home on vinyl with a free digital download here.